The Hugo
About Us

About Us

We are the experienced residential developers behind The Hugo.

Made up of an incredible team of urban planners, engineers, architects, project managers and tradespeople, we are at the forefront of residential developments in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Our highly trained team have been planning, designing and building developments for years. We continually develop our processes and pave the way for more innovative living. Our developments are at the forefront of modern design, helping people across Melbourne live easier, more productive lives. 

Leading development innovators

We take our role as leading development innovators very seriously. It is our mission to continue to train our team well beyond the expectations of our clientele, so that we can continue to innovate as the years go on.

Other residential developers strive to perform at the high standard that our team does; however, they continue to miss the mark due to our dedication to Melbournians and our craft.

By working cohesively with our talented team and our clients, we deliver fantastic results, every time. To learn more about our processes, book a consultation or just have a chat, give us a call or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to get back to you.