Glass Tinters Arrive
Glass Tinters Arrive

Glass Tinters Arrive

They took the elevator up to the 15th floor. Although they could have gone straight to the roof and made an attempt to get Bender, it was better that they have more numbers. It would have looked suspicious bringing more than two people to a window tinting and frosting job, so they had to get the rest of the strike team involved another way. After all, why would a professional commercial glass tinting company offering service around Melbourne need more than two people for a simple job?

Maphira and Vai made for the nearest conference room, which fortunately had a window facing the back side of the building. They wheeled in their trolley of window tinting supplies, which included a handy glass cutter and a suction cup.

Placing the suction cup on the window, Maphira held it tight, while Vai took the glass cutter and began to create a large hole in the window. She completed three-quarters of the cut, and then put the tool down.

“What are you doing?” Maphira asked. “We need to get this done.”

Vai shrugged. “We’ve got time. No use letting a cold wind in here while we wait. Let’s at least hold off on finishing this until the others start climbing up the wall.”

Maphira supposed that made sense. She hoped they wouldn’t take long, given the more time Maphira and Vai spent in this conference room, the more likely they were to get caught. Given that she could hardly even remember whether they were supposed to be doing glass tinting, frosting or decorating, she didn’t want to give someone an explanation. It would be no good to explain that they were from an office decorative glass installation business near Melbourne if she’d told the receptionist they were there to do window tinting, even if she was fairly sure both services usually came from the same business.

Deciding there was no use worrying about it, Maphiria sat back on the conference room table, resting her legs on a nearby chair. Still, she hoped the others wouldn’t be too long.