Morning Plumbing Organisation
Morning Plumbing Organisation

Morning Plumbing Organisation

‘Morning,’ Jenny mumbled to me after she rolled over.

‘Morning,’ I groaned back, desperately clawing at the remains of my dream.

‘Did you call that guy?’ she yawned.

‘Which guy?’ I asked, giving up on the dream.

‘The plumber.’

‘Why would I call a plumber?’

‘For our hot water?’ she frowned, propping herself up on an elbow. ‘You seriously forgot this?’

I blinked blearily at the ceiling, trying to figure out where my dreams began and my memories ended.

‘Nope, not ringing any bells,’ I concluded. ‘What’s wrong with the hot water?’

‘We need a professional to do a hot water system installation,’ she sighed. ‘I can’t believe I have to do everything myself.’

‘Hey, woah,’ I said, offended. ‘I can do it.’

‘Clearly not.’

‘I didn’t know I had to!’

‘We had an entire conversation about this!’ she said, the frustration raising her voice.

‘I don’t remember that!’ I protested. ‘I’m sorry! Let me just sort it out for you.’

‘Fine,’ she rolled her eyes, slipping her feet out from under the covers. ‘But I’m serious Gary, you need to start shaping up.’

‘I’m already looking up the the best commercial plumber operating in Melbourne,’ I said with a sheepish grin, waving my phone at her. ‘It’ll be sorted in a sec.’

‘Right,’ she snorted, trudging towards the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I put down the phone and she came back into the room, towel wrapped around her head.

‘Hey,’ I said to her with a frown. ‘I just… I really don’t remember that conversation. Do you think that’s a problem? Like, should I get checked out?’

‘Oh babe, no,’ she rushed over, sitting next to me and taking my hand. ‘It was just a little slip. Happens to everyone. Don’t you remember, we were in the office?’

‘The office?’

‘Yeah, my office. You picked me up from work, we hung out by the watercooler for a bit.’

‘I’ve never been to your new office,’ I frowned.